better choice notice solutionsCompany Overview

Delivering Publishing Value to Law Firms Since 2008

Better Choice Notice Solutions (BCNS) was created in 2008 to deliver lower cost solutions, faster response times, and superior customer service in the publishing management process.

Since that time, we have published over 300,000 legal notices, saving our clients millions of dollars in the process. We have built the highly specialized staff, processes and technology needed to deliver a proven, single source solution for ordering, managing, tracking, and documenting the publishing of legal notices.

Law firms who choose our services realize direct and indirect savings to their bottom line. Additionally, your operations will benefit from our industry leading service and highly qualified team of people who understand that accuracy, efficiency, and promptness are paramount to the integrity of your operations.

BCNS Advantages:


  • Reduces Missed Publications
  • Electronic Ad Placement
  • Proactive Schedule Management
  • Multiple Confirmation Points


  • Solves Problems Quickly
  • Industry-Best Customer Service
  • Dedicated Account Support Team
  • Redundant hardware
  • 100% email up time


  • Saves Labor, Overhead Costs
  • Low per-Referral Service Fees
  • No Contract Required
  • No Minimum Volumes
  • Turns a fixed cost into a variable cost tied to referral volume


With BCNS on your side, you can focus on file critical tasks and rest assured your publishing requirements are managed with great of efficiency and care.

BCNS People

  The BCNS Shield

The shield represents the foundational character of BCNS. Our focus is to be strong, to be faithful, to protect our clients’ best interests, and to always be a trustworthy business partner.

BCNS Strength